We already know top athletes Lebron James and the Royals are using resistance bands for speed and explosivity training, but another superstar athlete has joined the bandwagon in revealing his resistance band routine. John Wall of the Washington Wizards also utilizes resistance band training to stay on top of his game. He says that using the resistance bands helps him to get stronger in his upper body. Upper body strength is key for point gaurds dealing with contact on their way to a dunk or layup. Without intense upper body strength, point gaurds will likely be knocked off course before makng the basket and unable to get to the foul line.


John Wall’s Resistance Band Workout

Upright Rows

  1. Place the band under your foot
  2. Grab the band in each hand
  3. Bend your elbows to pull up

Sideways Extensions

  1.  Keep the band anchored beneath your foot
  2. Extend your arms
  3. Pull them out and up

Tricep Burner

  1. Lean forward
  2. Pull the band up, so that your elbows are touching your ribs
  3. Extend your arms backwards