From beginner elite athletes there are a plethora of ways you can put your bands to work for you. We keep our thumbs on the pulse to discover how the community is able to adapt our resistance bands to address their immerging needs.  Many concepts evolve over time and are perfected by different athletes.

Below are examples of how three of our most widely recognized friends and athletes use RubberBanditz assisted bodyweights training exercise to hone their crafts and make constant strides. We hope you explore the various ways your bands can progress your training goals.

Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano (@frank_medrano) is likely the most well-knows calisthenics athletes in the world. His vegan-inspired bodyweight training regimen and crowd-pleasing YouTube videos have inspired scores of aspiring athletes. Frank regularly uses our bands for burn out sets on the pullup bar and parallettes. Point blank, Frank is the man. Check this tutorial video he made to hammer home some band 1.0 concepts.


Frank Medrano uses Rubberbanditz Resistance Bands from RubberBanditz on Vimeo.


Elizabeth Blanchard

Elizabeth Blanchard (aka @elizabeth_bfit) is a single handedly one of the most impressive athletes in the universe. Her mixed-discipline training regimen combines pole, calisthenics, aerial fitness, acro-yoga, and contortion. She’s pretty much up for anything. Oh, and she’s also an awesome person. Here is a quick video that extols the virtues of assisted bodyweight training on the pole.

Liz Pole Promo from RubberBanditz on Vimeo.

Scott Mathison

Scott Mathison (@scott_mathison_) is an Instagram athlete phenom. His physique and athletic performance capture the attention, likes, and comments of the masses. Resistance bands obviously play bands play a key role. Do you want to be a badass like Scotty? Below is a short video that will help advance that goal. 

1. rubberbanditz_promo_30sec_Scott from RubberBanditz on Vimeo.

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