A few weeks ago a teacher walked into our office to talk to me. He said his name was Jarrod and he handed me an envelope. He then proceeded to tell me his story.

Group Front Row with the students

He was a teacher at a local middle school, Rogers Herr, where they are just starting a weight lifting class as an option for their top performing students. The problem, he said, was that the budget for such a class was tiny, and he had to purchase equipment himself for the kids to use. This meant that the students only had 3 bands for the entire class. Turns out that the kids love working out with the bands, but it’s not in the budget to get any more.

So we come back to the envelope that is currently in my hands. “Student empowerment is really important to us at Rogers Herr, so the kids decided to write you letters,” he told me. I was amazed that this thick envelope was filled with letters from his class, so as soon as he left, I sat down to read all of them. I’ve attached them here in the blog so you can read them too if you like.

Read the letters (names edited out for their protection)

They're rocking their back and core

Every one of the letters I read made me smile, and really made me want to help these kids out. They really had two requests, 1. Teach us how to use the bands to their full potential, and 2. Help us get more bands. So today I did my best to fulfill part 1, and we had a great time! I showed them a bunch of different full body exercises to try, and they took to them so quickly!

It was great to be there, and show the kids how to use these bands, but even with designed group exercises, it was obvious right away that they were under-equipped. Only about 5-10 kids out of the 22 in the class could use the bands at once, and the rest of the class had to sit around waiting.

So that means its time for part 2 of their request, but we need your help. Up through Thanksgiving we’re going to be giving 5% of our sales to this class in form of Rubberbanditz Gear, so the more you buy from us, the more we’re able to give to them! And I hope next month to be able to go back there with a pile of bands to hand out for the class.

So that we know you're supporting us on this project, we're also adding a free shipping and a 10% off coupon for you to use. To get free shipping (only in the US, sorry if you're international) and show your support use the code: RHMSSHIP, for 10% off use RHMS10 (but sorry, you can only use one code per order). The more people that use these codes, the more we'll know that you like the cause!

If you’re interested in giving to the class directly, please send an email to us at [email protected] and we’ll set it up!

What do you guys think of this project? Would you like to see more like this? Let us know in the comments!