The day of couple celebration galore is here! And for single people the day of getting chocolate half price is only one day away (which hey is kind of more important)! So while y’all romantics out there prepare your roses and candlelit dinners, I have an even better way to get the spark going this VDay. Exercise! Ok, so admittedly this isn’t your most heart swooning option but there is reasoning to my madness. Studies show that working out together can help strengthen not only your body but your relationship. Here’s why:

  1. If you engage in friendly competition with your SO during workouts it can rekindle the fire ;)
  2. You can bond by sharing the passion (and struggle) for exercise
  3. Means you don’t have to choose between working out and spending time together
  4. As we sweat we release attracting pheromones
  5. Couples who work out together tend to have better sex lives

So if you are lucky enough to have a valentine this year, grab them for a sexy workout and you’ll feel way less guilty about the wine and chocolate you’re going to digest. Also since it’s a Rubberbanditz style workout, you may just end up getting tangled up in each other ;)
Caution: especially if you’re a guy make sure you pick up some flowers too, just telling your girl that she should work out probably isn’t going to look good.

Lateral Lunge

1) Position you and your partner so the band is circling both of you at the waist
2) Lunge out in opposite directions

Warrior Lunge
1) Face back to back with about a foot in between with the band around both of you
2) Lunge forward alternating legs

Backwards Lunges
1) Face each other
2) Lunge backwards alternating legs, going against the band’s resistance