HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Halloween has ALWAYS been one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because of all the CANDY!!!!! Even if you’re too old to trick or treat (sadly I am), you can still buy all those scrumptious treats on sale the day after. Or you can find a younger relative to mooch off of (they shouldn’t eat all of it anyways!). Halloween is definitely one of my biggest cheat days of the year. That being said, to make up for it I will definitely be working out extra hard. To learn how to make up for all the Halloween candies you are going to be devouring, here is a full body Rubberbanditz workout! 


Forward Press

1)      Attach the band to something behind you

2)      Get into a lunging stance

3)      Take the band in one hand and press it forward

Unilateral Row

1)      With the band still attached to your stationary object, turn around and face the band

2)      Wrap the resistance band around your wrist to distribute the resistance across your arm

3)      Take a lunging stance and this time pull backwards

Pull Aparts

1)      Step through the band

2)      Take a few steps forwards to get more resistance

3)      Grab hold of the resistance band in both hands

4)      Pull your arms apart


1)      Stay looped inside the band, but slide the band down to your waist

2)      Step even more forward then before

3)      Lunge forward!