Your largest muscle group is your legs, so resistance training with your legs is key to your total body routine.

Think about it. Legs represent a huge portion of your muscles, so increasing your leg muscles increases your overall muscles by a lot.

And for cardio? Legs play a major role. Building leg muscle is essential to avoiding injury.

As a runner, I know the importance of strength training to keep away those pesky hip flexor and knee injuries that just won’t leave me alone. But it is important to other forms of cardio too: Powerful legs are important to get up big hills, to hold you through parts where you are out of your seat, and even to help absorb some of the shock your bike can’t.

In all sports, legs play a key role. Just think about it. Strength training will build up muscle endurance to help you last through a race or game. To focus on muscle endurance, you need to adjust your sets and reps.

Another key reason to get your bands working your legs? It can even help you avoid injury in your workouts. So many people make the mistake of focusing on “glamour muscles,” but unevenly strengthening muscle groups can bring on increased risk of injury even while you exercise.

This week, we will focus our energies on legs. Come back soon to see great leg workouts and stretches!

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