Awesome news for you! That picture above is right, because today is the day that you are going to get over the pull up bar. Doing a full on pull up is one of the hardest strengthening moves you can do. It works your core, triceps, biceps, and forearms to the extreme. But if you’re having a hard time getting over the bar (no worries I totally can’t) it can be too intimidating to tackle this daunting move. That’s where Rubberbanditz comes in. By using your Rubberbanditz band as a pull up assistance band, you’ll be able to practice getting over the bar today, so that you can do it on your own tomorrow!! :) With the help of a pull up assistance band, you’ll practice the correct form which will strengthen all of the muscles required for a pull up. Eventually you’ll be strong enough to achieve the move on your own. But by using the pulling up assistance band, you’ll be able to get the hang out of it without risk of energy.

Check out our video on how to use your pull up assistance band to achieve some of the hardest pull up moves.

To do the following exercises tie a pull up assistance band to a pull up bar as seen below.


Place your foot into the pull up band and get ready to hoist yourself up IMG_6025


Regular Pull Up 


1) Keep your feet tucked in the pull up assistance band

2) Grip the bar at a width that wider than your shoulders

3) Pull yourself up over the bar

Narrow Grip 

bar IMG_6125

1) Keep everything the same as the previous exercise, except bring your grip close together

2) Get yourself over that bar!

Wide Grip



1) Shift your grip so that your arms are spread wide apart

2) Pull up


Staggered Grip 


1) Rotate one arm so that its facing you while keeping the other arm facing the opposite direction

2) Pull up, then repeat on the other side

Switch Pull Up 


1) Keep your arms in the opposite direction

2) Face perpendicular to the bar

3) Switch your body to either side of the bar    

Type Writer 

IMG_61341) Keep your arms at a medium grip

2) Pull yourself up

3) Switch back and forth to both sides

Chin Ups 

IMG_61381) Bring your grip to about shoulder width

2) Rotate your hands inward

3) Pull up