Feeling inspired to get a little stronger? Hopefully, the answer is YES! Rubberbanditz has created another great full body work out that will get your arms, legs, and core. The best part is you don’t have to leave your home to get fit; just follow along with creator Ari to tone up your arms, legs, and core.

To do the amazing full body workout, hook a band onto a door handle or another stationary object such as a pole or a tree. We recommend using our handles to get an easier grip.

Sideways Pull

1)      Stand with your side facing the door

2)      Bring arm in front of you and one arm behind

3)      Extend both arms away from the door

4)      Repeat on the other side


1)      Face away from the door

2)      Do alternating lunges

3)      While lunging forward, press the band in front of you

Switch Step

1)      Face the door

2)      Pull the band to one side of the body and lunge backward on the same side

3)      Come back to a neutral footing and pull the band equally to both sides of the body

4)      Switch to the other side and repeat the lunge and band pulling

5)      Repeat sequence


1)      With your back facing the door start doing squats

2)      Curl the band upwards as you straighten your legs and extend your arms back as you bend