Now that we are all well acquainted with our homes and immediately surroundings, we thought it may be helpful to make a few quick and dirty tutorials that offer a few ways to leverage available resources you may have lying around.

Be advised the video quality is crappy at best, but hopefully the content is helpful. Doing the best I can with my iphone. The overarching objective is to deliver a ‘teach a person to fish’ approach so you can figure out constructive ways to integrate the bands into your life and fitness regime. We can emerge from quarantine without letting our bodies deteriorate [too much].

The golden rule here is to move and be resourceful. I’m challenging you to figure out at least one new exercise you can do with your bands every time you pick them up. If you have the time, which most do right now, get creative and think about different ways you could use your bands. Try stitching together upper body and lower body exercises at the same time. Grab a band next time you’re sitting in front of a TV or Zoom hangout and figure out how to get a stretch or pump while you’re locked into one spot. Take your band on a walk and fire up your upper body. Throw on some tunes and get a dance workout using your bands to offer resistance while you flail (or dance).

Get creative and get weird! Will try and add videos as time and motivation permit.