aimee and workout buddy sarabeth at the gym

Me (left) and my workout buddy Sarabeth Belon (right) post workout

 Usually I workout alone, but last night my friend and I decided  join forces and go to the gym together. We hopped on side by side ellipticals and proceeded to begin our cardio sessions. After about 40 minutes of intense cardio, I hit the point where I thought I was going to die was slightly out of breath. I looked over to see my friend continuing to pedal forward. My competitive instinct forced me to not look like the wimpy one, so like a hamster on a wheel, I just kept going. When I told her afterward that her presence had inspired me to workout harder and longer, she revealed the same! Both of us, it turned out, had more powerful workouts than we normally did in order to keep up with the other person. This proves that finding a workout buddy can be an extremely motivating way to incorporate exercise into your schedule. Here are our top reasons why you should find a workout buddy:

1)   Working out together is more fun

Studies show that 61% of women who hated working out found exercise enjoyable when they did it with a friend. Maybe its because you can people watch simultaneously, ogle at the hot guy/girl together, or just share sideways glances that convey your tiredness. Either way it can make working out more enjoyable

2)   You plan your workouts in advance and stick to them

When your dealing with two people’s schedules, you can’t just think of exercise as something you’ll get to when you have a break. You have to find a time that both people can commit to and put it in your schedule. On top of that, no one likes a flaky friend, so you’re more likely to make your workout a priority and commit to going if you know someone is counting on you to show up.

3)   You’ll always have a spotter

Having someone spot you while you’re doing bench presses and other types of weight lifting, makes working out a lot safer. But stalking the weight room for a spotter, is even more awkward than when your middle school teacher assigned a group project and you didn't have your besties around. Having a workout buddy means you’ll always have someone to watch out for you

4)   Sharing is caring

Have an ab exercise that is killer, maybe your partner has something that will blast your glutes. By going with someone you’ll be able to learn new exercises and tips to add to your workout repertoire.

5)   You’ll push yourself harder

No one wants to look wimpy. Knowing there is someone watching you will encourage you to work your hardest. Studies show that those who work out with a partner, rather than alone, exercise for 200% more time. On top of that you'll have a cheerleader there to boost your moral. My bff and I once went to a Pilates class that was so intense that she started screaming in pain. But I was there to encourage her the whole time and she finished the class like a pro. When we get on ellipticals together, I ALWAYS crank up the resistance higher than I normally would to prove I can keep up with her stamina.

6)   You’re less likely to quit your exercise regime

While we all make the New Years Resolution to lose weight and the pre-summer ambition of looking swimsuit ready, its easy to fall behind on your exercise habits. In a study at Indiana University, they found that couples who worked out individually had a 43% drop out rate when it came to meeting their exercise goals. However, couples who went to the gym together had about a 6% dropout rate. You don’t need to go with your significant other though, exercising with a friend or coworker will work just fine too

7)   Workout buddies are someone you can celebrate with after

While exercise should be fun, the best feeling of an intense workout is when you FINISH. Afterward, you’ll have someone to drink post workout smoothies with and tease about their workout face.

Ok, hopefully I’ve gotten you convinced. If you’ve got a workout partner in mind, try testing out some of these two person Rubberbanditz exercises!

Lateral Lunge

1) Position you and your partner so the band is circling both of you at the waist 
2) Lunge out in opposite directions

Warrior Lunge
1) Face back to back with about a foot in between with the band around both of you
2) Lunge forward alternating legs

Backwards Lunges 
1) Face each other 
2) Lunge backwards alternating legs, going against the band’s resistance