If you're looking to build up your upper body muscles, a home gym can be the perfect place to start. With a variety of machines designed specifically for working out your upper body, you don't need to worry about stepping into an overcrowded gym or paying expensive membership fees just to get in on these routines.

Whether you're simply looking to build up your arms or shoulders or you're hoping to trim and tone your entire upper body, here are five useful machines worth considering for your home gym:


Lat Pulldown Machine

You use a lat pulldown machine by taking the lat bar in your hands and sitting back down on the back slowly on the bench. You should inch your body back into position while controlling your movement.


You gain upper body strength by pulling the bar to chest level. By doing so, you are squeezing your lats and shoulder blades together. Ensure that you keep your chest out and chin up, elbows, back, and neck straight. These are the basic posture you should maintain when working out.


The amount of weight you put in the machine would depend on your preference. But the golden rule would be something that allows you to do 15 repetitions twice. When you feel that your muscles are contracting, it's the correct weight. You should feel the burn when you exercise so that your muscles stay engaged.


In addition to lat pulldown machines, if you really want to see improvement in your weight and gains, consider trying out the top fat burners on the market. Many gym goers utilize these products to help with their workout goals.



Chest Fly Machine

Chest fly machines are the first systems to improve fitness at home. You use this by sitting on the bench and with your feet flat on the floor. Now you would slightly bend your elbows to hold onto the handles. Cables connect these handles to weights. Thus, you're going to design what your designed weight would be.


To improve your upper body, you would move the handles back and forth toward your shoulders until your hands meet. Then, you would return to the original position. Using the chest fly machine, you can strengthen your biceps and shoulders, making it the perfect system to add to a home.


Rowing Machine

Are you looking for ways to improve your posture? The rowing machine is an excellent way to achieve this. You use this machine, just like how you would row a boat. You sit on the rowing machine and place your feet on the footplates. See that small handle? You're going to grab that; think of it as an oar. It's connected to a cable that also connects to a flywheel - this now creates resistance.


Hold the oar with your back straight, arms extended, and knees bent to exercise. You are using the machine with just your legs as it pushes back your whole body. If you're ready to bring it up a notch, straighten your legs and pull the oar to your chest. You are only bending your elbows just under your chest and working out your upper body this time.


Shoulder Press

The shoulder press helps you build solid shoulders and trapezius muscles. As we grow older, it's only human nature that our bodies become weak. Having this machine in your home can improve and maintain strength.


When using this machine, you'll notice that it's almost similar to lifting barbells. You would sit on a bench and grab the two handles. Its width should and is about the width of one's shoulders. You work out by lifting the handles and extending your arms over your head. You do this repeatedly with your elbows bent and then back down to the original position. Indeed, this is good for building deltoid muscles.


Assisted Pull-up Machine

Are you having a hard time using conventional pull-ups? Well, you're not alone! Both sexes, men and women, still find trouble using the traditional pull-ups. To still get upper body exercise through pulling yourself up, get yourself an assisted pull-up machine!


You won't have to lift your entire body weight since the machine counterbalances your weight so that you can execute pull-ups. You can even choose the device that you want to pull up. The golden rule of weight you should put should be less than what you weigh, but enough for your muscles to contract.


After choosing your desired weight, place your feet in the foot place, then reach up to grab the set of handlebars. The nature of a pull-up is simple, and that's how you would use the assisted pull-up machine. Luckily, some machines include a padded platform to exercise on your knees, which is good for your abs, back, biceps, and shoulders.


In Conclusion

Ensuring that your body and mind stay healthy is no easy task. If you have access to bring the gym to your home, add these five machines to your shopping list. These are known to be extremely helpful when you want to tone your body and build muscle.