With the variety of available fitness equipment, its easy to get carried away with what you buy. But instead of wasting all your hard earned cash on non-essentials, here are the most affordable options for getting fit!

Treadmill Versus Jump Rope

treadmill jump rope
Treadmill- $1300 Jump rope- $10

Cardio machines are great, but they aren't the only way to get your heart pumping. Jogs, hikes, and walks are way more fun ways to get your cardio in! And if you want a stationary workout, invest in a jumprope. A treadmill will take up tons of space in your home and leave a lot of empty space in your wallet. With a jump rope you'll be able to get full on cardio, in a lot more convenient and affordable fashion.

Lulu Lemon Versus Target

tank top
Lulu Lemon - $58 Target- $11.98

Wearing the right workout gear, can inspire you to hit the gym (and you'll be looking hot when the cutie by the water cooler spots you). But you don't have to break your bank account in order to look fitness fierce. Instead of splurging on Lulu Lemon, go to Target, where you can find tons of super affordable fitness fashion.

Abs Machine versus Stability Ball

abs machine medicine balls
Abs Machine - $200 Stablity Ball - $10

I'll admit those abs machines look mighty cool in their infomercials. Its probably not worth the investment though. Instead grab a stability ball and do crunches on one of those. Your abs will be getting the same burn for a lot less of the price.

Personal Trainer Versus Fitness App

apss fitness trainer
Fitness app- Free Personal Trainer- $50-$200

If you can afford it, personal trainers are the way to go, but that's only if you can. If that's out of your budget, never fear. Try some of these fitness apps. They may not be as motivating as a real person, but they can definitely make a big difference in your workout.

Weights Set versus Rubberbanditz

weights machine rubberbanditz
Weights- $1500 Rubberbanditz - starts from $5

If you want to get ripped, toned, and super strong: Rubberbanditz bands are the way to go. Instead of shelling out a fortune for a whole set of weights, just grab a few bands. Because they are super portable, you'll be able to use them whenever and wherever. More chances to workout, just means you'll get stronger faster.