Our guest blogger this week is Marcey Rader of http://www.marceyrader.com. Marcey is a Fitness, Nutrition and Productivity Expert helping mobile professionals be fit, healthy and productive on the go.

Rubberbanditz fits in great for mobile professionals whether they are working in a plane, train, hotel, airport or car. Whether you are flying across the country or zipping around town from meeting to meeting, the ease of using bands that you can throw in a briefcase, purse or pocket makes a big difference in whether or not you will end up getting that workout in.

Join me in my 25 in 25 Exercise Challenge in December. December is the busiest time of year for most people and is filled with eating, drinking, parties and commitments. Make a new commitment this December to exercise 25 minutes each day for 25 days! I'm partnering with the premier behavior modification company, Lift, to track you in your challenge. Two of my favorite companies, Sprigs and Rubberbanditz will be donating prizes.

The Rules:

  1. You must exercise for 25 minutes every day starting December 1.
  2. This can be divided up into two segments, but no more than two segments, ex. 10 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening.
  3. Alternatively, you can wear a pedometer and walk 3 miles or about 6000 steps.
  4. You can skip Christmas Day but only if you exercise 50 minutes on Christmas Eve.
  5. You must track your activity daily on the free Lift app or the Lift.do website.

The more people who enter, the more prizes I will be able to award so get your family and friends to join in!

25 places and ways you could use a Rubberbanditz:

  1. In your home gym.
  2. In your office.
  3. Waiting for the bus.
  4. In the park between sets of burpees!
  5. In your backyard.
  6. Before Thanksgiving dinner.
  7. Before Round Two of Thanksgiving dinner.
  8. After Thanksgiving dinner.
  9. Waiting for the doors to open on Black Friday.
  10. In line at the big box store on Black Friday.
  11. While watching Netflix.
  12. While waiting for The Daily Show to buffer.
  13. On a greenway.
  14. While waiting for your coffee to brew.
  15. While going to the bathroom (wait, only Ari does that!)
  16. At the gas station.
  17. At the doctor’s office.
  18. While waiting for the cable guy to show up.
  19. Between houses when caroling.
  20. During commercial breaks of The Walking Dead.
  21. Before giving a gift.
  22. Before opening a gift.
  23. While waiting for Santa.
  24. Before each thing you eat that has the word peppermint in it.
  25. Before you check in to Lift to say ‘I did it!’ and you have completed the 25 in 25 Exercise Challenge!