Zach Ruffo

Lake City, FL @zachruffo

Height: 6' Weight: 175lbs CEO of iMuscleUp™ @iMuscleUp™@TrainLikeRuffoAmbassador @Cellucor @RubberBanditz @StrengthWraps @wodrepairlotion @StrengthCratePromoCode: TRAINLIKERUFFO

Zach Ruffo is the founder of and, like many of us, began serious calisthenics training in 2010 after watching Hannibal for King. He started moonlighting in local parks and schools getting reps on reps on reps before breaking ground on the MUSCLE UP COMPOUND. He started with just a set of rings, then a pull up bar and then added more and more and more. Now he sits on the the BIGGEST outdoor calisthenics park in America in his back yard. Luckily, his lovely wife to Kara and two kids Maximus and Olivia don’t mind living on field of bars. Best thing he loves about calisthenics workouts is that anyone and everyone can do it. So do it!
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