Explosive pushups with resistance bands

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Chest, Shoulders

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Push-ups are likely tied with pullups as the most primal and effective upper body strengthening exercise. Explosive superman pushups can be performed on any pullup bar or overhead post and strengthens your chest, shoulders, and triceps together.

Exercise resistance bands are a valuable training tool for superman push-ups as they allow for natural progression in strength and bodyweight training variability. You can combine different size bands to offer more assistance when needed, such as when your muscles begin to fatigue. Alternatively, you can use a lighter exercise bands as your strength increases and you need less assistance.


  1. Fasten an exercise band [or two bands] to a pullup bar and strap strap yourself in by placing the middle section around your waist.

  2. Drop down into a pushup position with your hands on the ground.

  3. Press yourself off the ground in one explosive movement.

  4. Return to starting position and brace yourself, then repeat.


  • Keep your elbows in close to your body to avoid straining your shoulders.

  • Start by raising your arms off the ground when you explode up. Then progress to arms and legs once that movement is manageable.

  • Try using different combinations of exercise bands to find a comfortable range for you.

Target Muscles:  Chest, shoulders, triceps

Recommended Bands: Heavy Resistance Band (minimal assistance), Robust Resistance Band (medium assistance), Power Resistance Band (maximum assistance)

Force: Press

Position: Prone

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