Deadlift with Resistance Bands and Weights

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The Deadlift is a complex movement that builds core stability and teaches your upper and lower body to work in unison. Because it also strengthens your back and supporting muscle groups, deadlift training is common for hypertrophy as well as prehab/rehab, and improving posture and core strength.

Powerlifting bands are a valuable training tool due to the ascending resistance -- meaning that the load gets incrementally heavier throughout your range of motion as you push. The bands give you less resistance at the bottom when your muscles have less force and the more resistance while you ascend as your muscles give more force.


You have three options:

  1. Weights + (2) 41” Bands: Wrap one exercise band around each side of a barbell and anchor the bottoms to either side of a rack.
  2. Weights + (2) 12” Bands: Place an exercise band on either side of the barbell and anchor down the other ends on the rack or under your feet.
  3. No Weight - 41” Band(s) Only: Wrap the band(s) under your feet and grasp the ends in each hand using a pronated grip (palms facing backward). Keep the band close to your legs throughout the range of motion. You can make the exercise harder by stepping on the band closer to the ends.


Push your butt back (not down) and bend your knees slightly as you pull through your core and fold down until you feel a deep stretch in your hamstrings.
Brace your trunk as you drive through your heels and pull yourself back up in a controlled manner keeping your back and arms straight and your core tight.
Pull your hips back at the top to return to starting position.


  • Experiment to see how it changes the mechanics of the exercise when you increase the amount of iron weight vs band resistance.

  • Keep your chest up, as if you are showing off the logo on your shirt.

  • Keep your arms and legs straight

  • Try slowing down your reps for deeper muscle contractions

  • Stop immediately if you feel a sharp pain in your back.

Target Muscles:  Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Traps, Core, Back  

  1. Recommended Bands (2 x 41” Band Option): 2 Heavy Resistance Bands (minimal resistance), 2 Robust Resistance Bands (medium resistance), 2 Power Resistance Bands (heavy resistance)
  2. Recommended Bands (2 x 12” Band Option):  Medium Workout Band (minimal resistance),  Heavy Workout Band (medium resistance), Robust Workout Band (maximum resistance)
  3. Recommended Bands (1 x 41” Band Option):  Medium Workout Band (minimal resistance),  Heavy Workout Band (medium resistance), Robust Workout Band (heavy resistance), Power Workout Band (maximum resistance). You can combine bands to calibrate the amount of resistance needed.

Force:  Pull

Position: Upright

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