Squats with Resistance Bands and Weights

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Legs, Glutes

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Squats are the most well-rounded lower body powerlifting exercises there is. Powerlifting bands are a highly effective training tool due to the ascending resistance -- meaning that the load gets incrementally heavier throughout your range of motion as you push. The exercise bands give you less resistance at the bottom when your muscles have less force and the more resistance while you ascend as your muscles give more force.

  1. Fasten two bands to two low lying anchor points on either side of the rack. Anchor points can consist of heavy dumbbells, rack pins, or the rack itself.
  2. Insert the top ends onto either side of the barbell.
  3. Slowly lower yourself into a squat and then press up back to starting position as you feel the gradual increase of the exercise band’s ascending resistance.


  • Experiment by using just bands, just weight, and bands + weight to add variation.

  • Loop the band around the barbell to shorten the length of the band and increase the resistance.

  • Try and explode up through the band but slow your descent as you drop into the squat.

  • Make sure your knees don’t pass your feet at the bottom of your rep to avoid putting stress on your knees.

Target Muscles:  (Legs), Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes

Recommended Bands: 2 Medium Workout Bands (minimal resistance), 2 Heavy Workout Bands (medium resistance), 2 Robust Workout Bands (maximum resistance)

Force:  Press

Position: Upright

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