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There are multiple ways to do the splits using resistance bands. The bands can be used to warm up leg the by putting the band around your foot while you lay on the ground and making circles in the air with your leg using the band to warm up your hip.

There are ways to do the splits from starting in a downward dog position, placing the band around the foot on the ground and then placing the other band on the second foot and opening the second leg into the air. There is also the option of working on middle splits using the bands by sitting on the ground, putting the band around your low back and then putting each foot through the band and opening up into your middles.

  • For hip opening for splits and warming up the hamstring:

  1. Begin by laying on your back on the floor. Place one foot through the loop of the band and extend the leg towards the ceiling.

  2. Use the band to hold onto your foot while you make large circles going both ways with your leg to open and warm up your hip.

  3. Next, bring the leg straight up to the ceiling, keep the foot flexed and pull the band tight so the band doesn’t roll off your foot. Push through your knee so your leg straightens completely. Once the bend in the knee is gone, begin very slowly pulling the band towards your face so you feel a gentle stretch. Hold for 15 seconds.

  4. Then slightly out turn your foot so it is pointed towards your shoulder and then pull with a straight knee towards your shoulder. Do not let the leg drop all the way sideways, it should be a small difference from the first stretch.

  5. Slowly help the leg drop to the floor, release your foot from the band, bend your knee and then squeeze your knee to your chest for 5 seconds. Straighten the leg out so blood can circulate through the area.

  • For a downward facing dog open-hip split (advanced):

  1. Begin in a downward facing dog position with both feet and hands on the floor and hips up towards the ceiling. From this position, place one foot through the loop of the band and then step onto the band.

  2. Close the loop of the band to place the band over the same side shoulder.

  3. Open the second hip up by bringing the free leg into the air in an open split, and then bend the knee like you are trying to bring your foot to your head. Flex the foot and put the loop of the band around that foot.

  4. Put both hands on the ground and then straighten the back leg and open into a split with one foot on the ground stretching your hamstring, and the second leg extended into the air to the ceiling in an open-hip split stretching your hip flexor and psoas.

  • For middle splits:

  1. Begin by sitting on the ground. Flex one foot, bend the knee, and bring the knee to your chest. Place one loop of the band around that foot.

  2. Use your arms to bring the band around your low back (for those with long hair pull your hair to the front of your body). Flex the second leg, bend the knee, and bring that leg to your chest as well. Place the second loop from behind your back around the second flexed foot.

  3. Once both feet are inside of the band, straighten the legs and adjust the band on your back according to where the stretch feels best. Focus on letting your knees out turn away from your body and making sure your low back is flat by rounding in your upper back and then rolling it straight until your low back flattens. You can pulse up and down with your legs with your hands in front of you on the floor, and/or pulse back to get the most from this stretch.


  • Keep your hair out of the way of the band.

  • You can use assistance to help you get into the band for the more difficult split poses.

  • Do not tense up when entering these positions, try and breathe and relax.

  • The band with the least resistance is good for learning how to get into these positions.

Target Muscles:

  • Hamstrings, adductors, hip flexors, psoas

Recommended Bands: Medium resistance band (minimal stretch), Heavy resistance band (medium stretch), Robust resistance band (maximum stretch)

Force: Pushing

Position: Laying on your back; downward dog upside down; sitting upright

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