Single and Double Leg Elevated Glute Bridge with Booty Bands

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Effectively target your glutes with laser focus while performing glute bridge with booty bands. This crowd favorite functional exercise activates your hip, hams, buns, and tums so you get a full body workout. Not only does the glute bridge improve glute muscle endurance and strength (along with backside aesthetic) but it also offers a tremendous core workout in the process as it forces you to stabilize your entire body.




  1. Place a RubberBanditz mini loop booty band around your lower thigh and lie flat on your back with your feet elevated on a step or stair.
  2. Drive up through your heels and upper back to lift your hips off the ground to a full hip extension.
  3. Pull your hips up as high as you can while clenching your glutes
  4. Squeeze your glutes momentarily at the top before lowering back down to starting position



  • Do not push backward off your heels -- make sure you are pushing straight up through your heels (not backward) to avoid straining your knees

  • You should feel all the tension in your glutes and hamstrings (not in your lower back) -- stop immediately if you feel lower back pain

  • You’ll get a deeper burn the longer you hold and squeeze your glutes at the top before lowering them down

  • Keep your core tight and flexed the entire time to avoid putting a strain on your back



Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridge is an excellent way to scale up and add an additional challenge to the traditional elevated glute bridge. Start in a similar position, only with one leg raised off the floor in a bent [or extended] position. Without moving your elevated leg, drive through the heel of your bottom foot and your upper back, and raise your hips up. Clench your glutes momentarily at the top before coming back to starting position. Try and raise your hips up as high as possible, ideally to full extension, with any variation of the glute bridge. Also, make sure to keep your core tight the entire time to avoid straining your lower back.

Target Muscles: Abs, Obliques, Hips, Quadriceps, Glutes

Recommended Booty Bands: 12” Medium Booty Band (minimal resistance), 12” Heavy Booty Band (high resistance), 12”  Robust Booty Band (maximum resistance)

Force: Push

Position: Upright

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