Seated Shoulder Press with Resistance Bands and Weights

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The military [shoulder] press is the best exercise for simultaneously training all three deltoid heads.

Powerlifting bands are a valuable training tool due to the ascending resistance -- meaning that the load gets incrementally heavier throughout your range of motion as you push. The bands give you less resistance at the bottom when your muscles have less force and the more resistance during your press as your muscles give more force.

  1. You have two options:

    1. (1 Band): Wrap one resistance band around the bottom of a bench and insert the ends onto either side of a barbell

    2. (2 Bands): Connect a resistance band on either side of the barbell to a low lying anchor point such as on a rack or heavy barbells.

  2. Grasp the bar and lower it down in front of your face to just below the chin in a controlled movement.

  3. Press the bar overhead until your arms are fully extended.


  • Try and lower the bar slowly as it descends for a greater challenge

    • Use a narrow grip so your elbows don’t flare out too far. This will help protect your shoulders.

    • Keep your core tight with your back arched.

  • Loop the bands around the barbell to increase the resistance.

Target Muscles: Shoulders, Chest

Recommended Bands (2 Band Option): 2 Heavy Resistance Bands (minimal resistance), 2 Robust Resistance Bands (medium resistance), 2 Power Resistance Bands (heavy resistance)

Recommended Bands (1 Band Option):  Medium Resistance Band (minimal resistance),  Heavy Resistance Band (medium resistance), Robust Resistance Band (maximum resistance)

Force:  Press

Position: Seated

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