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  1. Wrap the resistance band under of your feet and sit back on your tailbone while grasping an end of each side of the band in your hands.

  2. Starting with your arms extended forward, pull the band back as far as you can toward your abdomen.

  3. Hold momentarily and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

  4. Release and extend your arms back out to full extension.



  • You can keep your feet on the floor for guidance or elevate them and balance on your butt for an added challenge.

  • Keep your abs clenched and make sure not to swing your torso back and forth to avoid cheating by using momentum to assist your pull.

  • Don't let your arms and shoulders do all the work! Make sure you consciously activate your back muscles

  • Keep chest puffed out, your back straight, and your shoulders relaxed



  1. Pull one arm back at a time or both simultaneously.

  2. Insert a bar for different grip combinations (close/wide and overhand/underhand).

  3. Resisted suitcases:  Grasp the band and hold it in a static position by your ribs, without moving your arms, balance on your tailbone and press your legs out and then pull them back in.

Target Muscles: Back (Lats), Biceps, Abs.

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