Reverse Flyes

At a Glance

Exercise Muscle

Back, Shoulders

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With arms extended forward, pull your arms back in a circular motion as far as you can.


  • Focus on pinching your shoulder blades together.
  • Keep elbows fixed in a slightly bent position and arms elevated at the same height.


  1. Use a lower A.P. and pull the band back at a slightly upward angle.
  2. Use a higher A.P. and pull the band back at a slightly downward angle.|No A.P: Grasp one band in both hands. Starting with hands close together, replicate the same movement by pulling your arms back and hands apart as if trying to touch your elbows together behind your back.

Target Muscles:

back (upper) | deltoids (rear) | lats



Anchor Point Height:





bent over | seated | upright

bent over|seated|upright
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