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Lunges are particularly valuable for legs workouts as they engage nearly your entire lower body. They also force you to stabilize your core to maintain your balance as you step forward or backward onto a bent knee. Many CrossFitters and general gym enthusiasts use a barbell to add additional load to the bodyweight movement. For obvious reasons, we elect to use a resistance band to scale this natural body movement.

Our heavy duty resistance loop bands can be used to add anywhere from 5-300 lbs of resistance to your lunges. Moreover, bands tend to compress the spine less and comparatively add minimal stress on your joints.


  1. Place the resistance band directly under one foot and grasp each end in hand.

  2. Bend the arms and hold them in one place to perform a static upright row. Keep the arms locked into place, with the back muscles engaged, during the entire set.

  3. Take a large step forward and lower yourself until the back knee almost touches the floor.

  4. Push yourself back up through your front quad muscle (thigh) to starting position and step your front leg back to original standing position.



  • Make sure the band is tightly positioned in the middle of your foot to avoid slipping off

  • Keep the front foot flat on the ground and avoid adding stress on your knees by making sure your front knee does not bend and travel past your front toes.

  • The more you pull with your upper body, the harder the exercise will be on your legs, plus giving some isometric strength work in your arms.

  • Perform your reps slowly to focus on correct form and deepen the intensity

  • Longer strides tend to work your glutes more vs shorter strides tend to target the glutes more.


Target Muscles: legs (quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves).

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