Lat-Band Pulldown

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With arms extended up, squeeze your shoulder blades together and slowly pull the band down towards your chest until your elbows are fully bent.


  • Relax your arms and lead with elbows. Keep the rest of your body motionless.
  • A close grip will engage rhomboid muscles and an underhand grip will also engage biceps.
  • A high post may allow you to stand where a low post may require you to sit, kneel, or take a staggered stance with one foot in front of the other.
  • Change your approach periodically for a well-rounded workout.


  1. Explore your range of grip options: wide or close grip combined with either overhand or underhand holds.
  2. Lean forward and pull the bands down behind your head.
  3. Lean back and pull the bands down toward your chest.
  4. No A.P: grasp one side of a band in both hands with arms extended above head and pull your arms down laterally as you stretch the band.

Target Muscles:

back (mid) | back (upper) | lats | traps



Anchor Point Height:





bent over | seated | upright

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