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Inverts are essential in pole fitness. Inverts are about technique and building proper muscle to assist you in your lift. Focus on inverting by pulling down and lifting your legs up first, and then extending your arms and tilting back. Work towards straight legs and fight through microbends by using RubberBanditz while practicing.

  1. Begin by placing one leg through the loop of the band. That will be your outside leg that is further from the pole. Step slightly in front of the pole so your glute/hip is resting on the pole of inside leg. With the inside arm, wrap your arm around the pole and grab at chin-height, and with the second hand grab right above the first.

  2. Take an inhale, push your chest out and up (to activate your lats so you aren’t just using shoulders) and as you exhale pull down with your arms and bend your knees and pull them to your chest. For straight legs, out turn your legs, straddle/open your legs wide and lift legs first.

  3. Once your legs are lifted, pull down one more time to pull your hips higher and then extend your arms and look back.

  4. To come out, re-engage by pulling up with your arms and dropping your legs to the floor second.


  • Think about your body from the hips down as part 1, and the torso and upper body as part 2. Lift part 1 up first, and then pull up and finish with part 2 and finish the invert. To come back, use part 2 to pull your chest back to the pole, and drop part 1 back to the floor. 1 and then 2. 2 and then 1.

  • Do leg lifts from the floor holding like an inversion/part 1 without finishing the invert for strengthening.

Target Muscles:

  • Hand grip, forearms, biceps, shoulders, lats.

  • For straight legs: hamstrings, hip flexors, quadriceps

Recommended Bands: Heavy Resistance Band (minimal assistance), Robust Resistacne Band (medium resistance), Power Resistance Band (maximum assistance)

Force: Pull

Starting Position: Upright

Final Position: Upside down

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