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Our resistance bands will enhance your athletic performance by improving both your power and acceleration. By working throughout your entire range of motion, you will jump higher and sprint harder, while the bands stretch farther and the resistance increases. This provides your body with the extra pull your muscles need to become more powerful.


  • Works with Indoor/Outdoor training
  • Accelerate Your First-Step Quickness
  • Improve your vertical jump and explosiveness
  • 5 lb – 275 lb Resistance Levels
  • Great for individuals and partner training
  • Safe on joints and tough on muscles

Sample Exercises


Improve your functional fitness with a pair of bands and some burpees. Wrap them on your shoulders and a low/rear anchor point.

more info on Burpees >>

Box Jumps

Improve your vertical jump with box jumps and a band wrapped around your waist.

more info on Resisted Box Jumps >>


Build your first step explosive quickness by wrapping our agility or explosive band around your waist and a rear anchor point.

more info on the Resisted Run >>

Which Band is Right for Me?

Find the resistance and length you need, click product image

41 inches long
40-80 lbs

6 Feet long
175-225 lbs

10 feet long
225-275 lbs

Customer Testimonials

Here is what some of our customers have said about us. For more, check out our Testimonial Page.

“I just graduated after played basketball at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for four years. My team and I used the resistance bands during our strength and conditioning workouts. They gave us the ability to build muscle and get stronger without hurting our joints as much as other weightlifting techniques did. We also used them every day for stretching. I really liked the bands because they are so versatile. My sophomore year we took a trip to Hawaii for a tournament and we did not have a weight room to workout in and all we had were the bands. Our trainer gave us one of the hardest workouts we have ever had using these resistance bands. We ended up winning the tournament. It gave us the strength we needed to play three games back to back. I don’t think we would have had the endurance to be as successful without those bands.”
Iman McFarlan
Former UNC Basketball Player
“As a professional athlete, I find myself frequently on the road searching for places to workout. From my experiences, these bands have proven to be a very effective way to get similar weight training results without actually having to go to the weight room. Plus, I do core and stretching exercises with them. It’s like a onestop- shop.”
Josh Nigut Professional European Basketball