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With one end of a band stabilized under your foot and around both shoulders, take one giant pace forward and lower yourself until the opposite knee almost touches the ground. Push yourself up through your front thigh; step your front leg back to starting position.


  • At the bottom of the LUNGE, your front knee should be bent so that it blocks your line of vision to your front foot, but is not bent past your foot.
  • Your lead foot should stay flat on the ground until lifted back up to the rear foot.
  • Longer strides target glutes, shorter strides target quads.
  • Engage hamstrings by keeping the trailing leg as straight as possible as you go down.
  • LUNGE slowly to intensify the workout.


  1. Wrap a band under your lead foot and grasp the ends in each hand.
  2. Bring trailing leg forward to lead leg as you come up and gradually walk forward. This works well without bands since you can easily alternate sides as you walk. Hold any heavy object during the workout for a challenge.

Target Muscles:

quads | glutes | hamstring



Anchor Point Height: