Cableband Curls

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With arms extended, pull the bands toward the temples of your head, chest or shoulders. Hold briefly at the top, as if doing a biceps pose, before slowly returning to starting position. Perform with one post if you don't have two.


  • Keep your upper arms stationary.
  • Take a step back to raise resistance.
  • Alter the A.P. height for a different feel.
  • If using two posts, the distance between posts can vary widely according to availability (see video for ideas).


  1. Alternate sides: raise your right hand to your head (or chest) and hold it stationary until you bring your left hand to your head. Lower your right hand while your left arm stays flexed. Repeat.
  2. Experiment by sitting, standing or kneeling

Target Muscles:



front | side

Anchor Point Height:





upright | seated