Handstand and Handstand Pushup with Resistance Bands

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The handstand is a fundamental calisthenics bodyweight training exercise that demands strength, coordination, and balance. It heightens body awareness, motor skills, and concentration.

Exercise resistance bands are a valuable bodyweight training tool for handstands as they allow for natural progressions in strength and training variability. You can combine different size bands to offer more assistance when needed, such as when your muscles begin to fatigue. Alternatively, you can use a lighter exercise bands as your strength increases and you need less assistance.

  1. Drape an exercise band over the middle of the bar and then insert another band through through the center.
  2. Insert your arms through the two ends of the lower band and place them on the ground (or on parallettes).
  3. Kick your feet up and wrap them around the suspended exercise bands for stability.
  4. Hold your handstand in a static position for stability or lower yourself and then press yourself up to perform handstand push ups.


  1. If you are using two different size exercise bands use the heavier one on top
  2. Keep your core tight and squeeze your thighs and butt cheeks together.
  3. Spread your fingers out wide to create a more stable base.
  4. Keep your legs together and point your toes towards the sky.
  5. Try and keep you entire body straight with your head and neck pointed downward in a neutral position.
  6. Read this article on calisthenics bodyweight training handstands for additional insights.

Target Muscles: Shoulders, arms, back, chest

Recommended Bands: Robust/Heavy Resistance Bands or Heavy/Medium Resistance Bands

Force: Press

Position: Inverted

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