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Chest, Core, Shoulders

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This calisthenics leverage exercise strengthens your entire upper body and core. Each inch in height adds additional difficulty, thus making it more challenging [but not impossible] for taller, heavier people. Stick with it big people!!

Resistance bands are a valuable calisthenics bodyweight training tool for front levers as they allow for natural progressions in strength and training variability. You can combine bands to offer more assistance when needed, such as when your muscles begin to fatigue. Alternatively, you can use a lighter bands as your strength increases and you need less assistance.

  1. Fasten a resistance band to the middle of the pull up bar and insert both feet.

  2. Keep your entire body straight as you lean your torso back and simultaneously pull your legs upwards while keeping your shoulders tucked tightly in towards your chest.

  3. Continue raising your legs until your entire body is parallel to the floor.

  4. Hold this static isometric position before slowly returning to starting position.


  • Start with a traditional calisthenics bodyweight training ’False grip', meaning your wrists should be bent with your thumb pads on top of the bar.

  • Pull your hands down as if you were bending the bar towards your chest and keep your core tightened.

  • Maintain a ‘hollow body’ by keeping your lats, shoulders, chest, and arms engaged with glutes and legs all clinched tightly. Don’t try to retract your shoulder blades.

  • Step one foot out of the exercise band and then hold the band with both hands while taking the other foot out to avoid snapping back.

  • Read this article we published for more pro tips.

Target Muscles: Lats, Traps, Core

Recommended Bands: Heavy Resistance Band (minimal assistance), Robust Resistance Band (medium assistance), Power Resistance Band (maximum assistance)

Force: Static isometric pull

Position: Supine

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