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For Bench Press Bands, grasp one end in each hand with palms facing away from you and push your arms horizontally away from your body. Keep your hands aligned with your chest.


  • Start with elbows out 90° from your body and keep back straight.
  • Keep arms tucked by your sides to engage triceps and inner chest, keep arms farther from your body to engage deltoids and outer chest (use a wide or narrow grip).
  • Finish with 2-5 negative reps by slowing the regression to starting point to fully exhaust pectoral muscles.


  1. Fasten two bands to rear post.
  2. Wrap band behind your back and under shoulder blades (twist the band over and create an X to prevent band from sliding up your back).
  3. Position band inside or outside of your arms. Wear a protective layer of clothing if positioned outside

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