Elevated Monster Walk with Mini Loop Booty Bands

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Legs, Glutes

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Shape your backside by toning all areas of your glutes. Elevated monster walk with our booty bands combine step ups and lateral walks, which strengthen the entire muscle group -- particularly the gluteus medium. This functionality is great for building stability and strength while running, jumping or performing lateral movements. The booty bands add an additional dimension that helps increase glute activation so you get more overall benefit from each rep.

  1. Start on the ground in front of a step or platform with your knees bent
  2. Mini loop booty band should be around your thighs -- just above the knees
  3. Step up with one foot onto an elevated surface
  4. Bring your bottom foot up parallel to your top foot
  5. Step back down and repeat



  • Keep the weight on your heels with your tailbone tucked in behind you

  • Try and keep your knees tracking over your toes during the entire exercise

  • Stay in a mini-squat position with your knees and hips bending at around 30 degrees during movement -- this will greater glute activation


Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Gluteus minimus, Gluteus maximus, Abductors, Calves

Recommended Booty Bands: 12” Medium Booty Band (minimal resistance), 12” Heavy Booty Band (high resistance), 12”  Robust Booty Band (maximum resistance)

Force: Push

Position: Upright

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