Elevated Lateral Step Ups with Mini Loop Booty Bands

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Legs, Glutes

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Elevated step-ups are a dynamic single leg exercise that offers numerous variations and ways to scale intensity. When performed correctly, they help build strength and tone in the glutes, hips, and legs. Lateral step-ups are highly effective at targeting the gluteus medius, a muscle that is commonly ignored. The functional movement, especially when combined with our mini loop booty bands, improves balance, proprioception, and lateral mobility which all hone your daily movement patterns and help prevent injury.


  1. Start next to a step (no higher than shin height) in an athletic position with knees bent  
  2. Take a sideways step up with one foot onto the surface while pushing through the heel of your foot on the ground
  3. Bring your bottom foot up to the top foot and then return to starting position
  4. Repeat on opposite side when your set is complete



  • Maintain your weight planted in your heels and keep your tailbone tucked in

  • At the bottom of your knee bend, your knee should not travel forward past your toes -- push your glutes back if they do

  • Pull yourself with your top leg instead of pushing yourself up with your bottom leg

  • Brace your core during landing

Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Gluteus minimus, Gluteus maximus, Adductors, Calves

Recommended Booty Bands: 12” Medium Booty Band (minimal resistance), 12” Heavy Booty Band (high resistance), 12”  Robust Booty Band (maximum resistance)

Force: Pull

Position: Upright

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