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Chest, Triceps

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Place two chairs of equal height across from each other about 3-5ft (1-1.5 m) apart. Place your hands shoulder-width apart behind you on one chair and maintain your balance as you prop your feet up on the other chair. Slowly lower your body until you descend to a 90° bend in your arms, and then push yourself back up to starting position.


  • Raise your body in one vertical line during the ascent and descent.|Keep your back as close as possible to the chair behind you.
  • Aside from arms, keep the rest of your body motionless.
  • Do not go much lower after elbows reach a 90° angle to avoid injury.


  1. Cross feet at ankles to minimize leg movement.
  2. If you don't have two chairs of the same height, use any two stationary objects (i.e. bench/table/bed). Rest feet on the higher stationary object for an extra challenge.

Target Muscles:

triceps | pecs



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