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Legs, Back, Core, Glutes

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In a bent-over position with palms facing your body, pull yourself up with your core and raise your chest until you are in an upright position. Keep arms by your side and back straight. Slowly lower torso back to starting position by pulling your hips back and keeping your shoulders over your ankles.


  • All body movement should originate by bending at the hips.
  • Keeps abs tight to prevent strain on lower back.
  • Hips, lower back and abs should work together like a crane that comfortably pulls you up and lowers you into place.
  • Use your arms as hooks to hold the band or bar without assisting in the lift.
  • Keep your back straight and knees slightly bent.


  1. Keep legs completely straight for the STRAIGHT LEG DEADLIFT, to exercise hamstring and glute muscles. Refer to Legs Section.

Target Muscles:

back (lower) | core | glutes | hamstring | lats



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