Close Grip Push-Up Press

At a Glance

Exercise Muscle

Chest, Triceps

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Position yourself in push-up position with hands closer to your body in order to isolate your triceps. Twist a band over, creating an X, and wrap it around your back. Start by lying flat on your stomach with your hands just under your pecs. Push yourself up to a full arm extension.


  • Point toes down to help maintain your balance.
  • Remove the band to lower resistance.


  1. Place knees on the ground and form a triangle between your torso, arms and the floor.
  2. Position your hands closer together for a challenge.
  3. Hold yourself up in a motionless position, with your body off the ground for an added challenge (static resistance training).

Target Muscles:

triceps | pecs


around back

Anchor Point Height:






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