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There are many ways to get into a brass monkey: from a shoulder mount, kicking up from the floor, doing a press/up from a climb, swinging the legs into it from a brass monkey cast, doing a layback/cross ankle or knee release and various other grip entries.

  1. Climb the pole and place the band around the leg you want to hook in the brass monkey. You will position your arms from a standing position on the pole. If your right leg has the band, lean your body to the left side of the pole and wrap your right arm around the pole, bend the elbow, and squeeze at the armpit by pressing the elbow towards your body with the hand on the pole. With the second arm, place it between your knees in split grip with the thumb to the floor.

  2. Begin by releasing your legs from the pole, then pike/fold in half at the hip with your toes going forward in front of the pole and in one motion squeeze your armpit into the pole, push with the bottom arm, keep your knees close to your face in a forward fold with your toes directed at the floor, drop your head down to the floor like you are doing a somersault, and lead with your hips trying to get them high up in the air above your head driving them towards the ceiling.

  3. Once your hips pass the pole from this position, swing the inside leg with the band up into the air towards the ceiling and hook the inside leg (same leg as the bent arm) around the pole. The second leg will come up to meet it either by putting the toes together and ending the knee or letting the outside leg straighten and press into the back of the pole upside down.


  • Focus on leading from the hips up to the ceiling and do not let your legs swing back/do not open in the hips from the forward fold until your glutes have passed the pole and your head is upside down

  • You may need to slide the bottom straight arm down the pole and your head drops to the floor and your hips lift up.

Target Muscles:

  • Abdominals, shoulders, lat muscles, low back muscles

Recommended Bands:

  • Heavy Exercise Band (minimal assistance), Robust Band (medium resistance), Power Band (maximum assistance)

Force: Push

Starting Position: Upright

Ending Position: Upside Down

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