Box Jumps with Mini Loop Booty Bands

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Legs, Glutes

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Sculpt your booty and train your fast twitch muscle fibers and in one swift movement. Box jumps are a great way to improve explosive power while minimizing the risk of injury since the elevated surface helps dissipate the landing forces and puts less stress on your joints. Using mini loop bands helps deepen glute and leg activation, thus delivering greater results with each rep.


  1. Place a booty band around your low-mid thighs and set your feet hip to shoulder width apart
  2. Start in a squat position in front of an elevated surface (bench, step, plyo box)
  3. Jump explosively onto the elevated surface in front of you
  4. Land softly on the surface, push yourself up to a full standing position and squeeze your glutes together
  5. Gently step back down to starting position and repeat


  • Push through the balls of your feet when you explode up to avoid placing stress on your knees

  • Start with a short surface to start with to help prevent injury

  • Both feet should land on the surface simultaneously

  • Try and keep your knees in line with your toes throughout the entire movement

  • Land with your back flat and your hips bent

  • Brace your core during landing

  • Use a soft cushion or someone to help spot you on the first few reps to help address any fears you may have

Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Gluteus minimus, Gluteus maximus

Recommended Booty Bands: 12” Medium Booty Band (minimal resistance), 12” Heavy Booty Band (high resistance), 12”  Robust Booty Band (maximum resistance)

Force: Push

Position: Upright

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