Barbell Hip Thrust + Barbell Glute Bridge with Booty Bands

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Hip thrusts and glute bridges are highly effective exercises in their own right, with or without weights. If using weights, layering on a barbell will add vertical load and your band will intensify the movement with a dynamic lateral load. This creates complete hamstring, quad, hip, glute, core workout. Moreover, they actively increase glute size, improve athletic performance, improve hip/knee/ankle mechanics, and reduce risk of injury as they help strengthen those joints and lower back. Needless to say, hip thrusts and glute bridges belong in your workout regimen -- men and women! Very few exercises, if any, fire your glutes and core together as well as these do.    


  1. Start lying down with your weight on your shoulders and a booty band looped just above your knees (Start with your shoulders and triceps resting on a bench for the Barbell Hip Thrust -- shoulders should be flat on the floor for the Barbell Glute Bridge)
  2. Place a weighted barbell across your hips -- just above your pubic bone
  3. Drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes as you elevate your hips upward to full extension
  4. Hold momentarily at the top then slowly lower back to starting position before repeating




  • At maximum extension, your knees should be bent at around 90 degrees

  • Keep your back straight with your core deeply engaged during your entire set

  • Maintain both feet firmly rooted on the floor near your glutes

  • Try and isolate all the movement to the lower body without rocking your upper body to help offset the load

  • Hold for a count then lower to your starting position.

  • Mentally clinch and engage your glutes through the entire set to avoid over-compensating with your lower back, quads or hamstrings.

  • Tilt your pelvis forward and tuck your booty under the bar

Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Gluteus minimus, Gluteus maximus, Lower Back, Core stabilizer muscles

Recommended Booty Bands: 12” Medium Booty Band (minimal resistance), 12” Heavy Booty Band (high resistance), 12”  Robust Booty Band (maximum resistance)

Force: Push

Position: Supine

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