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With hands about shoulder width apart, keep your elbows planted by your side and slowly curl arms up in an arch toward your shoulders. Hold briefly at the point of maximum resistance and squeeze biceps before slowly releasing back to starting position.


  • Position bands under toes.
  • Refrain from arching your back or swaying body forwards or backwards.
  • Experiment by moving hands closer and farther apart.


  1. Wrap or stabilize one band to a front or low post to change the resistance (i.e. wrapping one band under a door that is perpendicular to your body).
  2. 21´s: Perform seven reps from starting position to the halfway point (arms bent at a 90º angle), then seven reps raising the bar from the halfway point up to a full curl (hands near shoulders), and finally seven full reps from starting position to a full curl. Increase or decrease the number of repetitions depending on workout objectives.

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