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Power and deceleration are integral training principals well-rounded athletes must constantly fine-tune. Footspeed and acceleration are both products of power, while the ability to stop on a dime, pivot, or shift directions are all attributed to deceleration. The resisted broad jumps have the unique quality of heightening both power and deceleration.

Resisted jumping bands provide an ascending resistance for plyometric exercises by dynamically improving power and explosiveness. Banded jumping can greatly enhance performance by harnessing the power of gravity to make greater gains with each leap.

  1. Anchor the resistance band around hip-waist height to a fixed stationary object that will not shift or move and then place the band around your waist.

  2. Walk out until the band is taut but not stretched.

  3. Spread feet apart to approximately a hip-width distance apart.

  4. Raise the arms above the head and then swing them downward in a vigorous motion to initiate the movement.

  5. Explode forward off both feet simultaneously and land with the feet approximately shoulder width apart.

  6. We suggest performing 3-5 sets of 4-5 reps.


  • Try and land in an athletic position with your weight forward to help counterbalance the resistance of the band trying to pull you backward.

  • Try adjusting the height of the anchor point where the band is fastened to find the ideal position.

  • The bands can safely stretch 2.5x their resting length. We recommend not stretching them further for safety.

  • Inspect the sprint training bands each time before use to make sure they are not damaged.

Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Gluteus minimus, Gluteus maximums

Recommended Bands: 6’ Agility Resistance Band or 10’ Explosive Resistance Band 

Force: Push

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