Here are some testimonials that have been sent in by users, friends, and fans.

"Dear Mr. Zandman-Zeman, I wanted to write a letter of support for your product, Rubberbanditz. I am a physician at a Community Health Center. I believe that good health requires some form of exercise. In our prenatal education classes, we include a session on exercise in pregnancy. I have found these exercise bands very useful in the classes we run for our patients. For that matter, I have used bands in my own personal work-out. Exercise bands make it possible to do work-outs with minimal additional equipment required, thus are very useful in a setting such as our a Health Center or at home. In addition, they are affordable. Thank you."
Sharon Smith, MD
Family Physician – Alaska
"During my deployments, I am usually in pretty austere and geographically isolated places. Rubberbanditz pack light and take up very little space in my kit so I am able to take them with me. Most important, they are a great workout that I can do anywhere. Thanks for keeping me Army Strong Rubberdanditz!"
Capt. Steve Wackowski

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"I got my bands a couple of days ago and they are by far the best bands I have ever used, I am extremely pleased with them and woould reccomend them to anyone who is serious about their training."
Constantinos Archontides
"Rubberbanditz are seriously my favorite piece of equipment that I use in my sessions for personal or group training. Their versatility is second to none. The only thing that can stop you from getting a good workout with these in your arsenal, would be lack of motivation and imagination."
Darcy Shaw
"I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer who used the latex bands as a means of exercise while stationed at my post. I found them to be a über-helpful and easy way to stay fit. Not quite sure what I would have done without them. I'm still a firm believer even after repatriating."
Ryan Brooks
Freelance Photographer in NYC
"These fitness bands help me stay in shape and give me a great training weapon I can use anywhere."
Vincent Jackson
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
"I took the bands in my suitcase when I traveled and loved them."
Joyce Barnette, PT
Physical Therapist – Private Practice
"Working out with the bands made me use muscles I hadn't used in a long time!"
Diane Crawford
Retired School Teacher
"I just graduated after played basketball at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for four years. My team and I used the resistance bands during our strength and conditioning workouts. They gave us the ability to build muscle and get stronger without hurting our joints as much as other weightlifting techniques did. We also used them every day for stretching. I really liked the bands because they are so versatile. My sophomore year we took a trip to Hawaii for a tournament and we did not have a weight room to workout in and all we had were the bands. Our trainer gave us one of the hardest workouts we have ever had using these resistance bands. We ended up winning the tournament. It gave us the strength we needed to play three games back to back. I don't think we would have had the endurance to be as successful without those bands."
Iman McFarlan
Former UNC Basketball Player
"I started using Rubberbanditz when I met Ari in Guatemala while I was working abroad. He is an amazing guy and has an amazing product. He taught me how to make excises the correct way; I still use them now that I have returned to Italy. My 70 hour work week doesn't leave me time to go to the gym.. BUT I FEEL SO GOOD!!! RUBBERBANDITZ… INCREDIBLE FEELING!!!!"

"Ho cominciato ad usare rubberbanditz in Guatemala, grazie all'incontro di Ari, un pazzo ragazzo dell'Alaska con una grande idea. Eravamo entrambi volontari in progetti a favori delle popolazioni indigene. Ho imparato con lui ad usare i nastri di gomma per fare gli esercizi correttamente; e oggi in Italia continuo ad usarli a casa, perchè non ho tempo per andare in palestra. MI SENTO COSI' BENE!!!! RUBBERBANDITZ...INCREDIBLE FEELING!!!!"
Settimio Rienzo
Salesman of Plastic Pipes, Italy
"The rigors of law school leave me very little down time. For this reason, I use Rubberbanditz resistance bands to get my workout and temporarily clear my mind. It gives me a great excuse to stand up and do a few sets during periodic study breaks. Or if I am really focused, I can kill two birds with one stone and do both at the same time."
Shiran Zohar
Law School Student at Duke University
"As a professional athlete, I find myself frequently on the road searching for places to workout. From my experiences, these bands have proven to be a very effective way to get similar weight training results without actually having to go to the weight room. Plus, I do core and stretching exercises with them. It's like a onestop- shop."
Josh Nigut Professional European Basketball
"I recently received my bands, and was astounded to find out I could actually do pull-ups with them! Of course, eventually I hope to be able to pull up without the bands, but for now I am absolutely thrilled."
Rubberbanditz Customer
"I take my Rubberbanditz everywhere I go to the gym, home, work and on vacation."
Ruben Vaquero
Rubberbanditz customer
"I never would have believed exercise bands could kick my rear end the way they do. I have shed quite a few pounds in the past few months but have a ways to go before I look like I'm 23 again. At least I'm on track to do it now. Thanks for the boost Rubberbanditz!"
J.C. Durante
Server at Glacier Brew House – Anchorage, AK
"I just started a new workout regiment at a local park and the Rubberbanditz are extremely helpful! They are great for both increasing the difficulty of some exercises and aiding in others! Love them!"
Rubberbanditz Customer
"I especially would want to leave a comment on the post sales support which was exceptional. In fact, the way my emails have been answered, I already have a strong feeling that the product should be of best quality even before seeing it. Please keep up the good work!"
Rubberbanditz customer
"I just want to say thank you for an awesome product that rocks!! I am currently an Army officer deployed to Afghanistan and as the war draws down so do our facilities. With gym closures happening throughout Afghanistan US FOBs and COPs these bands help me and my soldiers maintain a level of physical fitness that would be impossible without your product. Thanks again for your product as well as timeliness of the shipping."
1LT Shannon McNulty
FOB Salerno, Afghanistan
"Brand new to Rubberbanditz I have been able to accomplish my assisted pull ups and become better at them. Great piece of equipment."
Erika Schneider
Rubberbanditz customer
"I have been using rubberbanditz together with my weight training and I have seen vast improvements in my strength and firmest of my overall body."
Rubberbanditz customer
"We just received our first set of bands a few days ago and love them. The quality of the bands is by far better than others I have seen and I couldn't ask for better service."
Justin Shelton
Rubberbanditz customer
"I will be serving in the Peace Corps in Mongolia in a few months, and one of the current volunteers over there recommended Rubberbanditz for their portability (and the ability to work out inside while it's -40 degrees...). So I ordered a kit and have been very pleased so far! I will definitely be packing them in my suitcase when I head to Mongolia!"
Melinda Dolphyn
Peace Corps Volunteer
"I received my bands and I love them. I use them for a lot of body weight exercises, and they have helped me grow stronger. I am spreading the word of RubberBanditz all over Denmark."
Mathias Nielsen
Rubberbanditz customer
"Rubberbanditz work great. I have my own home guy and they work well with my setup. They are murder on my triceps! My muscles can't stands these Rubber Bands!"
Wayne Fleming
Rubberbanditz customer
"I have been struggling with back issues which have made walking with a walker difficult. I have been supplementing my PT therapy with a band workout. It has really improved my leg strength. Great product, adaptable, always there, and easy to use"
Gary F. Ford
Rubberbanditz customer
"I was surprised at how many ways to use the bands in my workouts."
Rubberbanditz customer
"Rubberbanditz helps me a lot with my training. I use it specially for my pull ups."
Rubberbanditz customer
"Rubberbanditz are great! Great tool for my outdoor training, and they definitely will not snap."
Enrique Quintero
Rubberbanditz customer
"Great products, since I travel significantly for business I use their products to stay in shape. Excellent quality and the guide (workout) book is super helpful."
Andrew Lux Ph.D
Rubberbanditz customer
"Received my rubberbanditz about 2 weeks ago (blazing fast shipping by the way) and they immediately became an indispensable part of my fitness routine. Great prices and superb quality. Thanks!"
Zach Austin
Rubberbanditz customer
"I bought a power band to help me do pull-ups. I have seen some results(a little at a time) and still am progressing! I'm beginning to see what I like!"
Oscar Olivarez
Rubberbanditz customer