Powerlifting Bands
Easy on joints tough on muscles

Get bigger and smarter with bands.
Our 41” and 12” lifting bands are a natural compliment to iron.

See them in action!

Why do powerlifters use these?

As your muscles contract and exert force, the bands stretch farther and the resistance is increased. The band's tension increases gradually, allowing for optimal muscle strengthening efficiency that isn’t achievable simply by the force of gravity. Add our bands to beef up any lift including: squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, and presses.

Which powerlifting bands should I choose?

Powerlifting bands offer ascending resistance, meaning the workout increases in difficulty up to the resistance ratings below:

Bands can be used in nearly any powerlifting exercise, with or without weights! Resistance levels can easily be modified by adding, moving or looping bands.

Activity: Power Lifting

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