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  1. Basic Mobile Gym Kit in a Bag


    The light circular band plus a medium band for higher resistance exercises. The combination of these two bands permits almost every full-body exercise possible. They'll allow you to stretch, strengthen and tone your upper body, lower body and core.

    The medium band is twice the resistance of the light band; 1 MEDIUM BAND = 2 LIGHT BANDS. Combine the two light exercise bands for the equivalent of two medium resistance bands to work out with. These packages set the standard for mobile gyms.

    NOTE: Colors may vary. All circular exercise bands are 41in (104 cm) in length and come in three sizes with varying resistances. Our natural rubber latex is over 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens). Effects of use by people with latex sensitivity is unknown and not recommended.


    Weight: 1.2 lbs (0.5 kg)
    Resistance: 5-50lbs
    Length: 41 inches

    Package Includes

    • two (2) Soft Hand Grips
    • two (2) Carabiners
    • one (1) Door Strap
    • one (1) Travel Bag
    • one (1) Exercise Manual
    • one (1) Rubberbanditz DVD
    • one (1) Light Band
    • one (1) Medium Band

    Rubberbanditz Fitness Bands

    Our seamless latex bands are made through a continuous layering process to prevent breakage. For this reason, each band can stretch up to 2 1/2 times the original length, creating a wide range of tension levels.
    Great for: Pullups - Powerlifting - Pilates - Yoga - CrossFit
    Enhances Strengthening, Stretching and Toning
    Tough on Muscles - Safe on Joints

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  2. Standard Mobile Gym Kit in a Bag


    The basic package PLUS a heavy band to intensify your workouts. This is the perfect package for anyone looking to throw their weight around and/or increase muscle mass.

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  3. Deluxe Mobile Gym Kit in a Bag


    This hearty package can accommodate ALL resistance needs, big or small. Runs the resistance gamut from the light band, which offers between 5-15 lbs (2-7 kg) of resistance, to the robust resistance band, which offers between 40-80 lbs (18-36 kg).

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