Work outside the box 

CrossFit fundamentals applied to bands
Never blow your WOD

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No CrossFitter ever enjoys missing their WOD. However, getting to a CrossFit box everyday is not always feasible.To address this pain point we adapted a mobile CrossFit training concept that uses resistance bands and other portable garage gym accessories to simulate many of your flagship exercises. If you are a Crossfitter on the go and do not have the traditional fitness equipment, our exercise bands provide a practical solution. 

Our CrossFit resistance band setss make it easy to add loan to your primal movements so you can get your WOD anywhere you want.

The workout bands provide a dynamic functional training environment that place little impact on joints and have a carrying weight of less than a pound. With Rubberbanditz you can acces many of your CrossFit essentials, including thrusters, squats, rows, pullups, slams, or sled pullls with just a few pieces of equipment. Our CrossFit exercise bands are both compact and durable, making them easy to tote around with you.

The 'weightless WOD' platform we designed that uses our CrossFit workout bands ensures that you never blow your WOD.

Crossfit Resistance Bands Set

  • Pull Up Band Combos

  • 41" Resistance Band

  • Combo Band Sets

  • Mobile Gym Kit

  • 12" Resistance Bands

  • Sprinting Bands

  • Rubberbanditz Floss Compression Bands

    Starting at: $12.95

  • Hammer Head Resistance Band Rack

  • Rubberbanditz Padded REGUL8R Compression Sleeves

  • Travel Bag

  • Strike Stability Wrist and Ankle Cuff Set

  • $14.95
  • Rubberbanditz Calisthenics Bar Training Gloves

  • Gymnastics Rings and Straps

  • Foam Roller 18"x6"

  • Functional Fitness Matte Black Pushup Bars

  • Hammer Head Anchor Gym

  • Foam Roller 36"x6"

  • Ultra Speed Jump Rope

  • Ab Wheel

  • $14.95
  • Basic Door Gym Pull up Bar

  • Yoga Mat

  • New
    25% off
    Ab Mat Back Pad

    Ab Mat Back Pad

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $14.95

  • Ab Straps

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    Gymnastics Wood Rings

    Gymnastics Wood Rings

    Regular Price: $69.95

    Special Price $52.46