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Our goals is to make calisthenics accessible to everyone in the world, while taking a minimalist approach. We offer the essential equipment and education needed to inspire and equip both elite and aspiring athletes. Download our free bodyweight training app here.

RubberBanditz street workout bands are used for both ASSISTED bodyweight training for a boost + dynamic RESISTANCE training for an added challenge.

Our progressive calisthenics bands are the on ramp to the bodyweight training superhighway. We'll get you to the bar and make the impossible possible.

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  1. Light Resistance Band


    This band's light weight and low tension provide a perfect compliment for smaller muscle group exercises! Widely used as aerobic resistance bands, Pilates bands, rehab bands or to add a touch more resistance to any exercise. Small enough to stow away in your wallet or fifth pocket, you can access your workout anywhere on-demand.

    Increase the resistance from medium to maximum by stretching this circular band up to 2.5 times its original length or combine with lighter bands for extra tension!

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  2. Medium Resistance Band


    This is perhaps the most versatile band we offer because it can be used for a complete range of mid- to high-level resistance exercises. Among fitness functions these workout bands are used as: general strength training bands, rehabilitation bands, stretching bands, Pilates bands and explosive training bands.

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  3. Heavy Resistance Band


    This is excellent when used as lightly assisted pull up bands. This multifaceted band is a great middle ground for many functional training, strengthening and stretching exercises - particularly for larger muscle groups. Also effective when used as plyometric bands and agility training bands.

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  4. Robust Resistance Band


    This versatile band is designed for dynamic workouts with our without weights. Aside from being one of our most popular pull up bands, the robust bands have several practical uses for many explosive full body exercises found in the user manual. Additionally, power lifters have found these bands useful for adding ascending resistances to many Olympic lifts.

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  5. Power Resistance Band


    The Power bands are widely used as CrossFit assisted pull-up bands. Also popularized as powerlifting bands, these heavy duty bands are often used in conjunction with free weights to offer natural ascending resistances levels; attach the bands to weight bars, benches or squat racks for added resistance during lifts and explosive exercises. Applicable for use with or without weights.

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  6. Strong Resistance Band


    Adds as much resistance as you can handle. Popular as CrossFit assisted pull up bands and weight lifting bands, these functional training bands can provide herculean tension levels. Add maximum resistance to your shrugs, squats, deadlifts, presses and other power lifts. Also widely used as explosive/plyometric training bands in addition to sprinting/speed training bands. Applicable for use with or without weights.

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  7. Basic Calisthenics Kit


    This dynamic calisthenics band duo provides a solid assisted bodyweight training platform for all cornerstone street workout exercises, including: pullups / muscle-ups, human flag, handstands, planches, front levers, and back levers. Our band and bodyweight training app, created in partnership with Mike Marchese (WCO Trainer of Master Trainers), can be used as a workout guide.

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  8. Bar Master Calisthenics Kit


    This trifecta band combo equips you with the full range of assistance required for all band and assisted body weight training essentials. Accelerate forward along your calisthenics journey by dramatically improving your pullups, muscle-ups, front lever, handstands, flags, and back lever and planche progressions. Our band and bodyweight training app, created in partnership with Mike Marchese (WCO Trainer of Master Trainers), can be used as a workout guide.

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  9. Full Stack Calisthenics Kit


    This complete full line of gym-series bands boasting every resistance level from 5-350 lbs (2-160 kg) you and/or your clients will need for a full body functional training session. This comprehensive suite of bands is widely used for capturing both ends of the resistance and assisted body weight training spectrum. Resistance training refers to adding load by pushing or pulling against the band and assisted body weight training allows the bands to compliment and ease your natural movements.

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  10. Rubberbanditz Calisthenics Racks: Pull-Up Bar | P-Bars (free shipping)

    As low as: $925.00

    Specifically engineered for bodyweight training athletes, our racks provide the ultimate platform for calisthenics training. Each power rack is handmade from solid steel in Los Angeles and designed to last. Racks are delivered with all hardware and installation and require only a 3/8“ wrench to erect. Learn More