By most accounts, the Kansas City Royals should never have reached the 2014 World Series. Last in the American League in home runs with no one in particular hitting more than 17, the usual offensive statistics didn't tell the story.

What's their secret? According to Royals outfielder Jarrod Dyson, "That's what speed do."

 Explosive Acceleration

Kansas City began a speed development program in 2007 with the addition of strength and conditioning coach Joseph Potts. While resistance bands were regularly used for speed and explosivity in the NFL, their migration to speed training in baseball was new and gave the Royals the edge they needed over the competition. They led the league in stolen bases with 153, many determining the outcome of the game.

Potts currently brings his speed training and resistance band expertise privately to members of the Kansas City Chiefs. Keep an eye out for them in a future Super Bowl..

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