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Robust Resistance Band Robust Resistance Band
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- Dimensions: 1.15" x 41" (30mm x 104cm) - Band Resistance: 50-80 lbs (23-36 kg) - Uses: Assisted Pull-Ups/Muscle-Up, Levers, Bench/Shoulder Press, Squats, Stretching, Resistance Training - Color: Purple - Material: Natural Latex Rubber BAN-004 01
Robust Resistance Band

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Robust Resistance Band SKU:BAN-004 01


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- Dimensions: 1.15" x 41" (30mm x 104cm)
- Band Resistance: 50-80 lbs (23-36 kg)
- Uses: Assisted Pull-Ups/Muscle-Up, Levers, Bench/Shoulder Press, Squats, Stretching, Resistance Training
- Color: Purple
- Material: Natural Latex Rubber


This is our most popular band for a reason. With 50-80 lbs [23-36 kg] of resistance the 1.15" Robust Band is an essential access point for all assisted bodyweight movements. Fasten it to a pole or pullup bar and dramatically improve the quality and quantity of your: assisted pull-ups, muscle-ups, shoulder mount, and iron-x. Or strap them to a barbell and amplify your squats and presses with the band's ascending resistance.

How are our bands different?

Unlike most bands, which are made in a large factory and casted as a solid piece of rubber, our exercise resistance bands are made of premium Sri Lankan latex and crafted through a multi-layering process, like the way a roll of tape is wound up.

Why should you care?

Because the layering property helps keep you safe. Each band is can stretch 2.5 times its resting length. This means that they a) stretch further b) last longer c) give warning as they wear out by unpeeling instead of snapping on impact. For this reason we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our equipment. If at any point you are unsatisfied just send us back your band(s) and we'll refund or replace them with no questions asked.

*Each band is 41" [104 cm] in length and is made 99% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens).

Exercise Bands Lay Flat Length Width Resistance
Light 41″ 1/4″ 5 to 15
Medium 41″ 1/2″ 20 to 35
Heavy 41″ 3/4″ 30 to 50
Robust 41″ 1-1/8″ 40 to 80
Power 41″ 1-3/4″ 50 to 120
Strong 41″ 2-1/2″ 60 to 150
Monster 41″ 4″ 80 to 200
Agility 6′ 1-3/4″ 175 to 225
Explosive 10′ 2″ 225 to 275

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Additional Information

Shipping Weight (pounds) 0.63
Color Purple
Length (inches) 41.00
Resistance Range (pounds) 40 - 80
Product Disclaimer Our premium bands are made from natural rubber latex which is over 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens). Effects of use by people with latex sensitivity is unknown and not recommended.

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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    Great if the lighter bands aren't cutting it
    Review by Matthewon 7/1/2016
    I bought this Robust Band once I realized that the three lighter bands I got in my Mobile Gym weren't cutting it for pushups and squats. This band definitely amps up the intensity. I can also combine it with the lighter bands for even more resistance.
  • Quality
    great tool for warm up, cool down, resistance training, etc.
    Review by Antonon 12/18/2014
    I received this as a Christmas present last year, and after almost a year of use, I can safely say I LOVE this and use it all the time and it's great for mobility and great warm ups. I use it as I warm up almost every time. Super light and easy to bring with me to any gym or travel with. I use my jump rope and the band and do a variety of static holds, and movements like back extensions, air squats with the band, upright rows, shoulder press, pushups with resistance, and many more to get properly warmed up and loose before attacking my workouts. This helps me break a sweat and get ready much faster and makes my body ready with increasing my ROM and warming up all my joints. Great tool for exercise and health.
  • Value
    Review by Ericon 1/8/2014
    Started using these for help for pullups and now I can do many w/o the band
  • Value
    So happy I found rubberbanditz!
    Review by Christinaon 1/2/2014
    Started working out and was unable to do any pullups, tried the chair method but it wasn\'t working well, one day searching the internet I came across rubberbanditz and they really do help you get over the bar! I hope in time I will be able to do unassisted pull ups!
  • Value
    I love my rubberbanditz.
    Review by Alissaon 9/4/2013
    I love my rubberbanditz. I am working towards doing unassisted pull-ups and this has been a huge help!!