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Resisted Kicks

With the band taut and your leg extended slightly forward, squeeze your glutes and kick your leg backwards. Repeat with the other leg.


  • Keep your leg straight and push from ankle.
  • Touch any stationary object for balance.
  • Stand tall on your supporting leg.


  1. Face the opposite direction and kick your leg forward.|ABDUCTOR: Turn 45° so that band is attached to your outside leg (farthest from A.P.). Kick your leg out laterally toward the opposite side.
  2. ADDUCTOR: Attach band to your inside leg (closest to A.P.). Kick your leg laterally across the body until it is fully extended to the opposite side.
  3. SEATED ABDUCTOR or ADDUCTOR: Perform from a seated position on the floor. Keep legs straight and push from ankle for every variation.

Target Muscles:

glutes | groin | hip


front | rear | side

Anchor Point Height:





upright | seated