Isolation Pulls

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Start with your shoulder facing the A.P. and your elbow bent at 90° by your side. Pull the band horizontally across your body. Then turn around and pull the band across your body in the opposite direction using the same hand. Alternate sides when finished.


  • Keep your elbow planted by your side and your forearm parallel to the ground.
  • Hold your upper arm in place with the other hand to limit movement.


  1. ROTATOR CUFF: Fasten or wrap band around a front post with A.P. height around chest level, pull arms back in a circular motion while keeping upper arm parallel to floor.
  2. Fasten a band to an overhead post. Pull forearm down in a circular motion (instead of backward).|Any variation can use two bands to engage both arms simultaneously

Target Muscles:

deltoids (rotator cuff)


front | rear | side

Anchor Point Height:

overhead | stomach




upright | seated